HICAPS Connect

Integrating HICAPS with your PMS

HICAPS Connect allows you to connect your Practice Management System (PMS) with your HICAPS terminal. By taking advantage of the integration, you'll no longer need to re-key transaction details on a stand-alone device. Instead, HICAPS will talk directly to your PMS, reducing the potential for errors and collating all information on one simple invoice.

How it can help


Improved efficiency

All your transactions can now be completed within your PMS.



Item numbers and dollar values are stored in the PMS for more straightforward transaction processing.


Simplified account reconciliation

Account reconciliations are simple with all of your claims and EFTPOS transactions being stored in your PMS.

Processing claims with HICAPS Connect

While the exact steps may differ depending on what kind of PMS you're using, the basics are the same. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Enter the details of the patient’s session in your PMS via your PC
  2. When ready, swipe the patient’s health fund card through the terminal
  3. Once authorised the PMS will print a statement for the patient detailing the benefit, the gap amount and the consultation details.

Our PMS partners 

HICAPS Connect currently works with the following PMS providers. For help setting it up, we recommend contacting your provider directly.

Don't see your PMS on the list? Contact your software provider to see if they offer integration with HICAPS.

Important notice:

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