The state-of-the-art HICAPS Trinity Terminal

There's a reason why over 90,000 Allied Health professionals choose HICAPS. HICAPS new best-in-class Trinity Terminal is the gold standard for your busy healthcare practice.

The HICAPS Trinity Terminal

With over 25 years of providing a reliable and easy to use terminal for health practices across Australia, HICAPS is proud to present their new best-in-class smart Trinity Terminal. The state-of-the-art Trinity Terminal provides your practice with the latest in security, reliability and useability. The Trinity Terminal allows you to process fast claims from 100% of Private Australian Health Insurers, Medicare and Overseas Visitor Health cover, in addition to approved treatments for ICWA and Worksafe Victoria. With its multi-merchant facility, you can easily manage the transaction flows of multiple businesses and contractors in the same practice.

What our new best-in-class HICAPS terminal can do for your practice:

✓ Tap'N'Go card payments

✓ Fast claims with 100% of Private Australian Health Insurers

✓ Private Health Insurance quoting

✓ Medicare claiming

✓ Overseas visitor health cover claiming

✓ Process approved treatments for ICWA and WorkSafe Victoria

✓ Tap’N’Claim with digital health fund membership cards

✓ Process transactions manually by entering card details

✓ Accessibility mode for low to no visual individuals

✓ Telehealth claiming

✓ Access to 30 days of transaction reports and settlements on the terminal

✓ Multi-Merchant Facility

✓ Surcharging

✓ Merchant Choice Routing


I'm a healthcare provider, what does a terminal PMS integration mean for me?

Our HICAPS terminal integration delivers a connection between your practice management software and the terminal, allowing providers to push claims, transactions and quoting to the terminal directly from the Practice Management Software. Once the transaction is complete, this pushes the information back to the Practice Management Software. This means that you don’t have spend time manually keying transactions into your HICAPS terminal. Our terminal integration saves time, reduces work and minimises end of day settlement and reconciliation errors. We estimate that this integration saves around 90 seconds per transaction. Add this up over the course of a day in the clinic and this integration saves you a significant amount of admin time!

If you’re not sure about which Practice Management Software you’re going to use in the clinic, picking a software that is integrated to both our Terminal and our Digital Claims portal is the gold standard for your practice. This will save you valuable admin time by easily enabling to process Government Scheme claims and efficiently process in clinic health insurance claims.

Learn more about PMS Integrations.

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