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Promoting your practice



Maximise HICAPS in your practice


HICAPS can help drive more business through your door! Here are just a number of ways HICAPS can help you let people know you offer the conveniences of HICAPS.

  • Promote your practice on the HICAPS ‘Find a Practitioner’ search feature
  • Use HICAPS promotional material including decals, posters and patient brochures, at no cost to you to let patients know you offer HICAPS


Use the HICAPS logo


To let people know that your practices offers them the convenience of HICAPS, why not use the HICAPS logo in your next business advertisement or other marketing material (e.g. websites, local and online advertising, newsletters etc.) and maximise the benefit and investment of HICAPS in your practice.

For a copy of the HICAPS logo please email

The reproduction of the HICAPS logo must be done in accordance with the HICAPS corporate guidelines.