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HICAPS products offer our patients the convenience of processing on the spot claims in your practice


Benefits of HICAPS to your practice

  • All in one solution, offering private health fund claiming, EFTPOS, Medicare Easyclaim and lodgement of WorkSafe claims.
  • HICAPS is the only health claims and payment service in Australia that offers the convenience of consolidated daily health fund payments and reporting on demand for all participating Health Insurers
  • No establishment or annual fees.
  • No call costs (HICAPS dials free call 1800 number for all transactions)
  • 30 Day agreement 
  • No need to change current bank account arrangements to take advantage of HICAPS
  • Guaranteed fast HICAPS and EFTPOS settlement payments
  • Save on bank fees and charges 
  • Superior technical support - HICAPS has a specialised support Help Desk to handle all HICAPS and EFTPOS enquiries.
  • Free installation, training and ongoing maintenance. If a problem should occur with your HICAPS terminal, HICAPS is committed to providing our customers with fast and efficient service.




HICAPS Terminal Features

  • Multi-Merchant Facility - EFTPOS settlement can be deposited into up to 26 separate bank accounts for individual practitioners for no extra cost.
  • Practice Management System / HICAPS Interface Solution - The entire HICAPS transaction is completed within your Practice Management System at the same time as updating patient records. 
  • HICAPS Accounts Online allows you to view your HICAPS transactions and statements online and provides flexible reporting on demand. 
  • HICAPS Payment and Reconciliation solution. HICAPS on behalf of all the health funds connected, will credit one amount on each settlement day that represents the consolidated total of all of the HICAPS claims you have processed for those health funds.
  • Medicare Easyclaim is a Medicare Australia initiative that allows patients to process their Medicare claims and receive their rebates through the HICAPS terminal at your practice. 
  • WorkSafe Victoria - HICAPS now allows practices to lodge your patients’ workers compensation claims via the terminal, which are then sent to WorkSafe for assessment.
  • Quotation functionality - The HICAPS terminal provides quotation functionality that enables your patients to receive an estimate on their health insurance benefit before receiving their service.  Not all health funds are currently participating in the quotation function. View full list of participating health funds. 
  • Contactless Technology - Allows patients to make payments under $100 without having to input their pin.
  • Broadband/Ethernet Connectivity - there is no need for an analogue phone line.

Digital integration and storage of client information has the potential to reduce booking and processing tasks, with the potential to give more time to practitioners to care for their patients.






In conjunction with participating partners and health industry associations HICAPS is available to the following healthcare providers;

HICAPS is suitable for:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Dentists - General and Specialists including; Dental Prosthetists, Endondontist, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Paedodontist, Periodontist & Prosthodontist
  • Dietitians
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Myotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Optical Dispensers
  • Optometrists
  • Osteopaths
  • Physiotherapists
  • Podiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Remedial Massage Therapists
  • Speech Pathologists




Cost Savings with HICAPS

Cost Savings with HICAPS

Did you know that HICAPS can save you money? HICAPS can help to reduce the practice's bank fees and charges that are normally associated with the running of a practice.

For example, when a claim transaction is processed through HICAPS there is no Merchant Service Fee (MSF) payable on the rebate amount. So, you can save money every time a patient* claims successfully using HICAPS.

Take a minute to see how this could work for you in your practice.  To find out how this apply to your practice please call 1800 80 57 80 and talk to one of our consultants.

*Patient is a registered member of a HICAPS Participating Health Fund





HICAPS  Mobile Terminal

Easy to use portable terminal that operates using 3G that allows you to process:

  • Private Health claims
  • Medicare claims

Please note the Mobile Terminal does not integrate with Practice Management Systems. Not all health funds are available via the mobile terminal - see which health funds are available (PDF).




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