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A better way to connect and pay for healthcare


HICAPS Go is a fast and intuitive solution, designed to help you spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time with your patients.

HICAPS Go is an end-to-end service for health practitioners which allows their patients to book, quote, claim and pay, from their mobile phone. HICAPS Go can connect to your practice management systems, so patients can access booking times and receive upfront quotes. And, as each transaction is completely online, patients no longer need to worry about lost insurance cards, paper claims or separate phone lines.

And it's built with HICAPS – Australia’s leading health claims and payments service.




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HICAPS Go is available for allied health professionals, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, myotherapists, podiatrists and remedial massage therapists. Add HICAPS Go to your practice to offer your patients a better way to pay and claim.







Designed for practitioners



Happy patients

Your patients will have a clearer understanding of the costs involved, including how much will be out of pocket.

Saves you time

Patients can access quotes instantly, without having to come in or set an appointment which saving your patients (and you) some time.

Works with HICAPS Terminals

Existing HICAPS customers can take advantage of HICAPS Go features at no additional charge. HICAPS Go transactions are included in your existing reports and settlement.



How it works for patients



Find and book

Patients can look up the right health service and preferred providers, then book an appointment through the HICAPS Go app.

Out of pocket quotes

Out of pocket quotes are provided during the booking process, so patients can book with confidence.

Claim and pay

Taking payment of claims and gap amounts happens in seconds, saving you time and extra admin effort.



HICAPS Go for patients


Patients can download HICAPS Go from their app store to start using today





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The Medipass portal

HICAPS Go is powered by the Medipass portal. HICAPS have worked with Medipass to bring HICAPS Go to life. Medipass are specialists in digital health payment solutions, and have worked with private insurance products, clinical software and health payments systems. Medipass manage and maintain the Medipass portal, which connects and uses the HICAPS claims technology.

When you sign up for HICAPS Go, Medipass will walk you through setting up an account to start using HICAPS Go.






HICAPS Terminals

HICAPS is Australia’s leading health claims and payments service, and now support 98% of health funds.

HICAPS terminals offers patients the convenience of automatic claims and processing on the spot in the practice.

HICAPS Go is designed to complement the HICAPS terminal to allow your patients to choose their preferred way to pay and claim.