Disruption to Medicare payments

The types of errors that may occur

We're aware of a current issue impacting some customers ability to process Medicare transactions via their HICAPS terminal. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this issue and are actively working to resolve the problem. 

While processing a Medicare Easyclaim transaction, you may be receiving one of the following errors:

  • Medicare Error message 9016
  • Medicare Error message 9602
  • Medicare Terminal Error message TO
  • Medicare Error message 98/05

Troubleshooting your terminal

To fix the problem, please manually update your machine by following the steps below. If you continue to experience issues when processing a Medicare claim, please contact the support centre on 1300 650 852.

Verifone Mobile Terminal VX680

Step 1 - Press the [*] key and select option [9] Terminal SW Load and press the green enter button twice. Your terminal will perform a software update and return to idle screen within 5 minutes. 

Step 2 - When your terminal has returned to the idle screen, press the [*] key and select option [5] Terminal Logon. Select Option [2] Medicare and press enter. 

Step 3 - If the Medicare logon is approved, attempt to process a claim. If the claim fails, please contact the help desk on 1300 650 852

Verifone Desktop Terminal VX820

Please ensure that your terminal docking station is connected via Ethernet, as this will provide you the most stable and consistent connectivity for all your transactions, including Medicare. If your VX820 desktop terminal is connected via a dial phone line and is experiencing TO (Time OUT) errors, please contact the help desk on 1300 650 852.

For VX820 desktop terminals connected via an ethernet cable that are experiencing TO (Time Out) errors, please follow the below steps to assist you with recovering your terminal;

Step 1 - Press the [*] key and select option [6][0] RSA Init and press enter. Once the terminal has returned to the idle screen, wait 2 minutes before proceeding with Step 2.

Step 2 - Press the [*] key and select option [5] Terminal Logon and select option [2] Medicare

Step 3 - If the Medicare logon is approved, attempt to process a claim. If the claim continues to fail, please contact the help desk on 1300 650 852.

For detailed diagrams please refer to HICAPS Terminal User Guide (page 48). You will need to plug your ethernet (LAN) cable into this ethernet plug and your internet router.

Other connectivity issues

In addition to the above, Telstra is in the process of closing their Argent Dial Up Network which is expected to be finalised in December of this year. If your terminal or its docking station is still using a telephone line to send transactions after the Argent network closure, your terminal will no longer be able to connect to HICAPS to process Claims, Payments, and Medicare transactions after this date. To avoid these connectivity issues at the end of the year, we highly recommend you act now and ensure your terminals docking station is connected to your internet router via an ethernet cable and that you remove any phone line connections. For more information please see our Argent Network page.