Get discovered by new patients, health fund members & GPs.

HICAPS & HealthShare Partnership

HICAPS has partnered with HealthShare to help private health fund members find a healthcare provider who offers HICAPS in their practice more quickly and easily. Healthshare, Australia's leading health practitioner directory, allows consumers, health fund members and GPs to research and find the right health provider for their individual needs.


Participating HICAPS health service providers will be highlighted in practitioner searches across all HealthShare platform channels. These include, health insurer directories powered by HealthShare, and referral directories that are integrated within GP Software.


Additionally, benefits of the HICAPS pay and claim experience will be highlighted on practitioner profiles

Need more information, see our Frequently asked questions below:

HealthShare is the leading healthcare practitioner directory in Australia, with over 800,000 monthly users. The HealthShare directory powers:

• Consumer search through

• GP referral through integration with the clinical software used by 90% of Australian GPs

• Health fund member find a practitioner search on private health fund websites

An Australian owned company, HealthShare has enabled millions of Australians and their GPs to find health information and make informed health choices for over 10 years.

HICAPS is the leading provider of healthcare claiming and payment solutions for practices in Australia, allowing healthcare providers to offer their patients the convenience of on-the-spot claiming. HICAPS have maintained  a participating practitioner ‘Find a practitioner’ directory tool on the HICAPS website for a number of years. By partnering with HealthShare, HICAPS is increasing your online presence and discoverability through more  places where patients, GPs and health fund members find health practitioners. Providers won’t be charged for their HealthShare profile.

Name, health profession, practice locations including address and contact details, “Offers HICAPS” messaging on profile and HICAPS practice location/s. We will soon be offering HICAPS practitioners the ability to claim their profile at no cost, enabling providers to add additional information about the services they provide.

If you are an accredited healthcare practitioner and do not currently have a HealthShare profile, you can get  started by going to It will take less than 5 minutes to complete and you will be set up with a new practitioner profile for your registered practice/s on the HealthShare practitioner directory.

If you do not wish to have your practice details appear on the HealthShare practitioner directory, please email and provide your name, healthcare profession, practice address(es) and a contact number and we will promptly assist.

Please note: If your information is provided to HealthShare from a source other than HICAPS (such as a private health fund), your profile may remain or be reinstated on the HealthShare website without the HICAPS logo

Your practitioner profile will have the HICAPS logo added to highlight that HICAPS is available at your practice location – offering your patients the ability to claim and receive their health fund rebate immediately after their appointment, creating a seamless and simple payment experience. If you have any questions regarding your existing HealthShare practitioner profile, please contact HealthShare directly.

If you need to update your location or contact information, please let HealthShare know by emailing, and don’t forget to update your details with HICAPS by completing the online amendment form on our website