HICAPS partners with Health Care Providers Association (HCPA)




HICAPS is excited to announce a strategic partnership between HICAPS and Health Care Providers Association (HCPA).


This collaboration, with a focus on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance the healthcare landscape and streamline participant and provider experiences.


HICAPS, renowned for its cutting-edge digital claiming solutions, has teamed up with HCPA, a leading advisor to healthcare and NDIS providers.  Together, we are dedicated to harnessing our combined strengths to empower new and existing businesses that operate within the disability and care sectors, and enhance the NDIS experience for both participants and providers.


Key benefits of the partnership include:


Effortless digital invoicing: 
By integrating HICAPS’ advanced technology with the NDIS, we aim to simplify billing and invoice processes.  This will alleviate administration burdens on business that provide supports to NDIS Participants, enabling them to focus more on delivering exceptional support and care.


Elevated provider experience:
Through streamlined processes, disability service providers will experience a smoother invoice and payment process.  This not only enhances the overall experience but also fosters an environment where participant well-being remains the top priority.


Advocacy and insight:
Our collaboration will enable us to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by new and existing disability service providers within the NDIS ecosystem.  This insight will drive our collective advocacy efforts, ensuring that the voices of disability providers are heard, and their business needs addressed.


Streamlined NDIS registration, ongoing compliance and renewals:
Our HCPA specialists bring extensive knowledge in NDIS regulations and a deep understanding of the complexities of the NDIS framework to facilitate end-to-end registration, compliance and renewal processes for new and existing providers.


Innovation in NDIS care:
With our combined expertise, we will seek to define and execute growth strategies for NDIS providers and improve service delivery by introducing technology-enabled processes and skills development of providers.  We ultimately want to deliver enhanced utilisation of funds, optimise service plans, and improve communication between all stakeholders.


Kyle Hunt, HCPA CEO and Founder “We are confident that this partnership will have a significant positive impact on the disability support and care industry, leading to improved well-being of NDIS participants” 


Simon Terry, HICAPS CEO  “Together, we aim to pave the way for more accessible, efficient, and participant-centred NDIS experiences, enabled by skilled NDIS providers”


For more information, please contact our team disabilityservices@hicaps.com.au or visit www.hcpassociation.com.au