About us

Transforming healthcare in Australia with easy, efficient and accurate claiming solutions.

Our Vision

A healthier Australia for all, where claiming and payments for health and care are effortless and accessible to everyone.

Our Story

In 1998, HICAPS was formed to provide an efficient and accurate electronic claim solution for the healthcare sector.

With increasing demand from our customers for digital solutions and access to claim through Government schemes, we accelerated our investment in digital transformation in 2022.  By doing this, HICAPS created simplified multi-channel claiming with real-time approvals, fast claiming and access to a broader range of Government Schemes.

More than 25 years on, we're proud to support a community of over 100,000 registered healthcare service providers and used by 100% private health funds. HICAPS has now grown to become the leading claims solution in Australia.

Today, the HICAPS team continue to innovate our claiming solutions, staying focussed on removing complexity and providing the best experience possible for practices and patients.

Partnering with industry leaders, thinkers and innovators, we’re helping to revolutionise the future of healthcare in Australia.

We’re part of the NAB Group. We understand that the best financial solutions for healthcare businesses are integrated. Combining our health expertise and range of services, NAB Health, Medfin and HICAPS work together across personal and business banking needs. From claims processing, transactional banking and equipment financing, to interest rate risk management and business and home lending.

NAB Health has dedicated financial specialists with in-depth industry knowledge who've been servicing and providing financial solutions to General Practitioners, Medical Specialists, Dentists, Allied health, Pharmacies, Vets and Corporate Healthcare business for over 20 years.

Medfin specialises in financial services for practitioners, pharmacists and corporate healthcare businesses since 1990.


Learn more about NAB Health Banking and finance for healthcare professionals - NAB


Quick Facts

  • Over 100,000 registered healthcare providers across Australia
  • 100% of integrated private health funds and statutory payers including Medicare, WorkSafe Victoria and the Insurance Commission of WA
  • 12+ million serviced members
  • Over 41 million claims processed every year, accounting for 87% of all allied health private health insurance claims
  • Used in over 30,000 healthcare practices and medical centres across Australia

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