1.0 What does HICAPS stand for?

HICAPS stands for Health Industry Claims and Payments Service.

2.0 Does the HICAPS terminal need an analogue telephone line?

With the Verifone HICAPS terminal you do not need a dedicated phone line.

HICAPS terminals have broadband /Ethernet connectivity – so that you no longer need an analogue phone line.
Note: We do recommend that you retain a phone line as a backup in the event that your internet service is unavailable.

HICAPS Terminal VX820 has dial up (analogue) and broadband connectivity.

HICAPS Mobile terminal VX680 - 3G or a dial-up modem through the supplied base and broadband connectivity.

3.0 Which are the Funds that have signed with HICAPS?

View Participating Health Funds.

4.0 How much space will the HICAPS terminal take up?

The HICAPS terminal, including the in built printer, is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper.

5.0 When is the HICAPS system available?

The HICAPS network operates 24 Hours, 7 days. The hours of operation for health funds accepting HICAPS claims vary from fund to fund. View Health Fund Operating Hours.

6.0 Can I have a HICAPS terminal with no EFTPOS?

Yes, although EFTPOS functionality with the terminal is available at no extra rental charge through National Australia Bank.*

* subject to NAB's terms and conditions, merchant service fees apply to EFTPOS functionality.

7.0 Do I have to install the HICAPS terminal?

No, a HICAPS installation specialist will contact the practice to make a suitable time to visit your practice to install the terminal. Excluding some remote locations.

8.0 Do I receive training on how to use the terminal?

Staff at your practice will receive full training for both HICAPS and EFTPOS* functionality at the time of installation. As a guide the practice should allocate approximately 45 minutes for up to four staff members.

* subject to NAB's terms and condition

9.0 Can my partners or associates and I have seperate EFTPOS settlement arrangements?

Yes, HICAPS is able to facilitate individual payments directly to individual health service providers' bank accounts through one HICAPS terminal. There is no extra charge for this feature.

10. What are the HICAPS costs?

There are no installation costs or call costs with HICAPS. The HICAPS terminal dials a Freecall 1800 number for both HICAPS and EFTPOS transactions. All you pay is a monthly rental fee for the use of the terminal. (If you choose EFTPOS functionality with NAB, standard NAB merchant service fees apply).

11. Do I need to insure the terminal?

Yes, you are required to insure the HICAPS terminal under the terms and conditions of the HICAPS equipment agreement as you are responsible for the terminal.

12. What happens to my existing EFTPOS terminal?

If you have an existing NAB EFTPOS terminal it will simply be replaced with a HICAPS terminal.

If you have chosen NAB EFTPOS and currently have EFTPOS with another financial institution, you may want to contact them and request that the terminal be uninstalled in accordance with their terms and conditions.

13. How many providers can access the one terminal?

Up to 50 providers can access the one terminal.

14. How soon does the patient receive their health fund refund?

The patient does not receive the refund, it is paid directly to your nominated bank account.

15. Can I process more than one item number per health fund claim transaction?

Yes. Up to 24 items can be processed in one transaction. However, the number of items you are able to process in one transaction will vary from health fund to health fund. Once you swipe the patient's card the maximum number of items you are able to process will display on the terminal screen.

16. How does HICAPS work with Medicare Easyclaim?

Medicare Easyclaim is a Medicare Australia initiative that allows patients to lodge their Medicare claims and receive their rebates through the HICAPS terminal at your practice. Learn more.

17. How does HICAPS work with Workers Compensations Claims?

HICAPS now allows patients to lodge their WorkSafe Victoria claims on the spot at the practice. Learn more.

18. Does the HICAPS terminal provide the ability to quote patients health fund rebates?

The HICAPS terminal provides for quotation functionality that enables your patients to receive an estimate on their health insurance benefit before receiving their service.

At this stage the quotation function is only available to patients who are members of participating health funds and for specific service or treatments.  For full details of health funds participating in this solution view our participating partners and view our quoting function flyer.

19. How much does the HICAPS stationery and promotional material cost?

Stationery and promotional material is supplied by HICAPS on request at no charge.