1.0 Which are the Funds that have signed with HICAPS?

Participating Health Funds.

2.0 How does HICAPS work with Medicare Easyclaim?

Medicare Easyclaim is a Medicare Australia initiative that allows patients to lodge their Medicare claims and receive their rebates through the HICAPS terminal at your practice. Learn more

3.0 How does HICAPS work with Workers Compensations Claims?

HICAPS now allows patients to lodge their WorkSafe Victoria claims on the spot at the practice. Learn more.

4.0 When is the HICAPS system available?

The HICAPS network operates 24 Hours, 7 days. The hours of operation for health funds accepting HICAPS claims vary from fund to fund. For further information, click here.

5.0 Can I have a HICAPS terminal with no EFTPOS?

Yes, although EFTPOS functionality with the terminal is available at no extra rental charge through National Australia Bank*.

* subject to NAB's terms and conditions, merchant service fees apply to EFTPOS functionality.

6.0 When does EFTPOS settle?

EFTPOS transactions automatically settle each night at about 9.30pm EST, however, manual settlement is available to suit the needs of the practice.

7.0 How do I settle HICAPS transactions?

HICAPS transactions (health fund transactions) automatically settle each night (Mon - Sat) at 11.59pm* and cannot be manually settled. All transactions processed between 12.00am and 11.59pm will be sent to the health funds each night at this time.

The terminal will automatically print out the HICAPS totals and transaction listing at this time

To obtain a print out of the totals manually, press the 'SETTLE' key and then select 2. HICAPS. The next screen will give you the option to select 1. TODAY or 2. PREVIOUS DAY

8.0 Can my partners or associates and I have seperate EFTPOS settlement arrangements?

Yes, HICAPS is able to facilitate individual payments directly to individual health service providers' bank accounts through one HICAPS terminal. There is no extra charge for this feature.

9.0 How do I order terminal receipt rolls for the HICAPS terminal?

To order terminal receipt rolls for your terminal simply press FUNCTION 7 and then the ENTER / YES Key. Then press FUNCTION 5 and then the ENTER / YES Key to send this order through. Stationery will be delivered with in 3 - 7 business days.

10.0 Can I process more than one item number per transaction?

Up to 24 items can be processed in one transaction. However, the number of items you are able to process in one transaction will vary from health fund to health fund. Once you swipe the patient's card the maximum number of items you are able to process will display on the terminal screen.  For more information click here .

11.0 What does it mean when a transaction is approved on "Fallback" or prompts for an authorisation number?

The occasional fallback transaction is normal. This may mean there was a momentary break in communications with the bank. However, if you receive several fallback transactions in succession, please call the HICAPS Help Desk for assistance.

For transactions with large amounts that exceed your floor limits, the terminal will not automatically approve them on fallback. Instead the terminal will display "Trans Fallback Enter Auth.No". For these transactions you must call the patient's financial institution to obtain an authorisation number to key into the terminal.

For authorisations call:

Credit Cards - 13 25 15

Debit cards - 1300 65 08 52

12.0 What is HICAPS Go?

An end-to end service designed for patients to book, obtain a quote and pay all from their smartphone

The service also allows claims through participating private health insurers