It's install day

What to expect on install day?

A HICAPS representative will arrive at the pre booked appointment time to install your new terminal. For recommended tasks you can do prior to install day please refer here.

You’ll be able to identify them as a HICAPS representative by the following:

  • NAB Photo ID
  • NAB or HICAPS name badge
  • HICAPS business card

They may be by themselves or have an assistant with them. They will disconnect your old terminal, ensuring they complete settlement totals on this terminal for your records. You will need to keep this terminal in a safe place should you be required to use it again for any reason.

Your new Trinity (T650p) Terminal

The HICAPS representative will install your new terminal. To do this they will require you to enter your Wi-Fi password (if you have one), to connect the terminal. Terminals can only connect to password protected Wi-Fi connections. Alternatively they can connect your terminal via internet with an Ethernet cable. All health funds will support claims processing via ethernet, with limited health funds supporting claim processing via Wi-Fi and Mobile. For further information on which funds support Mobile and Wi-Fi claiming please click here.


You will also need to select a 6 digit terminal passcode. This is used for functions such as refunds and cannot be sequential or repeated numbers. Our security team recommends you don’t use any identifiers such a birthdays or postcodes in your passcode. Your passcode is required to be stored in a safe location, that only people authorised to use the terminal should have access to.


The default settlement time for all terminals is 9.30pm AEDT. This is the latest time available for same day settlement. Alternatively If you have requested a specific settlement time for your terminal, this will be set up by the HICAPS representative.


Finally the HICAPS representative will provide training on the functionality of the terminal including how to process Health Fund claims, sales, refunds, print receipts and change the receipt roll. You will receive a copy of the Quick Reference Guide to further assist you with the terminal and its new functionality.