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How do I claim?


It’s so convenient and easy! You can now use HICAPS to process your health fund claims, Medicare Easyclaims and lodge your Worksafe Victoria claims on the spot after your consultation.


Private Health Fund Claims


Claiming via HICAPS terminal

After your consultation, your health fund card is simply swiped through the HICAPS terminal by the health service provider. Your claim details are entered and in seconds the whole transaction is processed

Once your claim is authorised, you simply pay the gap amount - the difference between the full fee for the treatment and the amount claimed from your health fund

Pay the gap owing with your EFTPOS or credit card


Claiming via HICAPS Go

Even simpler than claiming via the terminal is claiming via HICAPS Go, our smartphone app. You can even see how much you will be out-of-pocket before you pay, as well as book appointments, claim and pay all using your phone. More about HICAPS Go.



There are three payment options for patient claims that can be lodged through Medicare Easyclaim. The type of claim submitted is dependent on the manner in which you have agreed with your provider to settle the account.

  • Fully paid account - you have paid your account in full
  • Part paid account - you have paid a contribution toward the settlement of the account
  • Unpaid account - account has not been paid
  • Bulk Bills 

For more information on claiming with Medicare please refer to the Medicare Easyclaim User Guide



HICAPS, together with WorkSafe Victoria, has developed a new initiative allowing eligible health service providers to lodge invoices for injured workers via the HICAPS terminal.

For more information on claiming with WorkSafe please refer to the WorkSafe step by step guide