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  • HICAPS Go is an intuitive end-to-end service for allied health practitioners and patients. It can connect to your PMS or sit as a standalone web portal, allowing patients to find a practitioner, book, quote, claim and pay for the service, all on their smartphone in seconds!


  • Medipass is a trusted partner who HICAPS has chosen to work with to bring HICAPS Go to life. Medipass manage the web portal that enables the claims and payment process, whilst the back end infrastructure still sits with HICAPS. As part of the sign up process you will receive emails from Medipass asking you to set up your login details and the portal will also be branded as Medipass.

  • For practioners
    HICAPS currently manages patient health insurance claims and payments through a terminal installed in your clinic. The new experience is a digital platform that runs either through your PMS or accessed through the Medipass portal on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

    Once Cliniko is fully integrated you will no longer need to manually enter in accounts/reconciliations into your PMS. For more informaton please visit: Cliniko integration.

    For patients
    The App allows patients to book appointments, view quotes upfront, claim and pay with confidence. All from their mobile.

  • Currently HICAPS Go is available to allied health professionals, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, myotherapists, podiatrists and remedial massage therapists. We are planning to expand this in the near future to include dentists and optometrists.

  • Currently the App is available to all patients who are with Medibank and AHM health funds.

    To download for free, simply go to the App Store or Google Play.

  • Right now! HICAPS Go has finished its pilot program and  we are now launching to practices located in the Melbourne CBD.

    • Patients can find and book an appointment at a practice with ease, using location services, all from their smartphone
    • Patients are able to get a quote at the time of booking, allowing them to see their benefit  and gap payment upfront
    • HICAPS Go makes processing claims and payments simpler and easier, allowing you more time to spend with your patients
  • Medibank Private and AHM are currently available on the App. We are in discussions with the other funds and look forward to having them on board soon.

  • While we are working hard to make HICAPS Go as a standalone application, at this stage most practices will still need a terminial to work alongside HICAPS Go.  

  • Based on the requirements from many Health Funds and industry bodies, practitioners are required to have a provider number registered at each location they are working out of, unless they have a registered mobile provider number with specific funds.

  • We are working with a range of practice management systems and we are in beta testing with Cliniko for full integration, please visit: Cliniko beta program

     With Cliniko integration all HICAPS claims and payments will be processed directly through Cliniko, which will further streamline and simplify the claims and payment process.

    HICAPS Connect integration (for non-cloud based PMS) is also underway and will be up and running in the next few months. This will allow claims and payments to be processed through the integrated PMS software.

    If you don’t want HICAPS Go to be integrated into your PMS, don’t worry! It can all be done through a portal which just requires a Medipass login and password to access.

  • The App requires iOS 8.0 or later for Apple devices. For Android users, 4.1 or later is required. 

Payments and settlements

  • First patients need to add their health fund card, (Medibank and AHM at the moment) and credit or debit card details in their HICAPS Go App account.   Once set up, patients will be able to simply make claims and payments by simply tapping “Approve” once the practitioner has created the claim.

  • Yes, a claim can be cancelled after it has been approved. You will still need to process the claim again and ensure it is approved by your patient for the payment to go through.

    Patients are not able to cancel claims after the payment has gone through and are encouraged to contact you if they have any concerns.

    But as always, we are more than happy to help with any issues!

  • We recommend  you get your patients to approve their payments on the spot. In the event a patient tries to avoid payment, we advise you to follow your current processes and seek alternative payment method.

  • Your current settlement process will remain the same.

  • Please contact the HICAPS Sales team for further information regarding HICAPS Go pricing. Contact us at 1800 80 57 80