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Statutory Funders


HICAPS has partnered with Medicare and Worksafe to make claiming under these schemes easier for patients.




Medicare Easyclaim allows patients to lodge their claims and receive their rebates all through the HICAPS terminal.

Depending on how you and your patient agree to settle the account, there are three payment options that you can lodge through Medicare Easyclaim:

Fully paid account – the patient has paid their account in full.

Part paid account – the patient has contributed to the settlement of the account.

Unpaid account – the account has not been paid.


Following the full payment of the account, you can swipe your patient's Medicare card, and the rebate will be paid directly into their account.

For more information on claiming with Medicare, reconciling bulk bill payments and more, please refer to our Medicare Reference Guide and Medicare Easyclaim User Guide

Please note: it's at your discretion whether to bulk bill a patient or not. If you choose to bulk bill, additional fees or co-payments shouldn't be charged to your patient following bulk bill claims. 

WorkSafe Victoria


You can lodge WorkSafe Victoria invoices through your HICAPS terminal. This removes the need to send invoices (for most services) and reduces the time that it takes for you to get paid.


Here’s how to lodge a WorkSafe invoice:

1.     Enter your WorkSafe HICAPS claim number along with the 11-digit WorkSafe claim number (provided by the patient) and follow the prompts. Enter the payment amount and press ‘Ok’

2.     If the claim summary is correct, press the send button to send the invoice to Worsksafe for assessment. Remember to get the patient to sign the receipt (you’ll need to keep this on file for up to seven years).

For more information about lodging WorkSafe Victoria claims including helpful hints, see our Lodging a WorkSafe Invoice Reference Guide (PDF 133kb).

Please note: to process WorkSafe claims via your HICAPS terminal you’ll need be a registerd provider with WorkSafe If you would like to register to process Worksafe claims, update your details or to view a list of approved services, visit the WorkSafe website.