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Forms & Support


Forms & Support

Forms & Support
Forms & Support
    • If you're new to HICAPS and would like a terminal, HICAPS Go or both sign up here.

      If you're already a HICAPS customer and would like to offer HICAPS Go at your practice sign up online for HICAPS Go.

      If you would like to be added to an existing HICAPS terminal at your practice/store, using your own bank account number sign up here

      If you would like to take ownership of an existing terminal, using your own bank account number sign up here

      Please send your completed form and supporting documents to or fax the form to 1300 725 726

    • To Add/Amend a provider to your existing HICAPS facility

      1.      Download the Add/Amend Provider Form

      2.      Send the completed form to or fax to 1300 725 726

      Note: A request to add a new provider must be accompanied by a Medicare Australia or Medibank Private Provider letter, stating the relevant provider number.

      Applying for a HICAPS issued provider number

      If you do not hold either a Medicare Australia or a Medibank Private Provider number and would like to transact via HICAPS, please complete the 'Application to Transact with HICAPS form'        

      1.     Download the Application to Transact with HICAPS Form and Add/Amend Provider Form

      2.     Send the completed forms to or fax to 1300 725 726

      Note: You're eligible for a HICAPS provider number if you practice the following: Remedial Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Myotherapy or Naturopathy. HICAPS issued provider numbers are not accepted by Medibank or HBF for on the spot claiming.

    • If you would like to update your bank account details on your HICAPS account

      1.      Download the Change of Bank Account Form

      2.      Send the completed form to or fax to 1300 725 726

      Note: Please submit a bank statement, deposit slip or a letter from your financial institution so that we can validate account details. The document must include full name (including Trust etc) and account details. We cannot accept printed statement from an online banking account.