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Important information for HICAPS Customers – New software changes

New Process for registering new providers/ or deleting provider.

As you may be aware HICAPS is currently implementing a new enhancement that automates the registration process of additional health service providers on HICAPS terminals. Customers will no longer need to manually key into the terminal new provider details or delete providers within the terminal’s provider table. This new automated process will save you time as well as improve the integrity of the information and data held on the HICAPS system.

To update the terminal for this change we are sending overnight software uploads to our Terminal Fleet over the coming weeks.

Please note:  This change may result in changes to the listing/display of your Provider Table in your terminal.


What changes will I notice if my Terminal has been updated with new software?

And what do I need to do?

If your HICAPS terminal has just received an overnight software download, your provider table may be either missing providers or displaying providers that are no longer working at your location. You can have these providers officially added by filling out and sending back the Add/Amend Provider form or officially removed by filling out and sending back a Provider Deletion Form

Your terminal will now only display those health service providers that are officially registered with HICAPS.   


How do I add/delete a provider in the future?

To add a provider:

The new process requires you to fill out and submit a HICAPS Add/Amend Provider form

To delete/remove a provider:

The new process requires you to fill out and submit a HICAPS Provider Deletion form

Once we receive these forms we will process the amendments and the new information will be updated on your terminal within 5 – 7 working days


How will I know the information has been updated and how long will it take?

Once we receive the completed forms we will update our system and you will see that the provider’s listed in your terminal’s provider table have been updated.

Please note: The new information will be updated on your terminal within 5 – 7 working days


How can I change the order in which providers appear in my HICAPS terminal?

Changes to your provider table order can be made using HICAPS Accounts Online via our website Simply login with your username and password and use the side menu to navigate to Providers > Order Provider. Here you will be able to enter your terminal details and adjust the positions in which your provider will display on your terminal

Please note: The information will take up to 48 hours to be updated on your terminal.