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At HICAPS we want to make you aware of some important changes that Telstra have advised regarding their dial up network.

From the 1st March 2020 Telstra will begin closing their Argent Dial Up network. This means that your HICAPS terminal will no longer be able to use a telephone line to process transactions. The Terminal will only be able to communicate on the internet via an ethernet connection.


What does this mean for my Practice?

On the 1st of March 2020 if your terminal is still using a telephone line to send transactions, it will no longer be able to connect to HICAPS to send your Claim, Payment, and Medicare transactions.


What do I need to do?

If you are still using a telephone line, you will need to arrange for your terminal to connect to the internet so that you can continue to successfully process claims and payments. If you are unsure then please contact your internet service provider.


What happens if I don’t have the internet at my practice?

You will need to organise to have the internet installed in your practice so that the terminal can connect to your internet router via ethernet in order to continue to successfully process your claims and payments.


How do I connect my terminal to the Internet?

You will need to connect the terminal to an active ethernet port. Should you have a firewall on your practice router you will need to refer to the HICAPS Terminal Communication Ports guide


What are the advantages of connecting the terminal to the internet?

The main advantage of connecting to the internet is that transactions are typically processed much faster than over a telephone line, with most transactions being processed in under 5 seconds. Having the internet installed provides a more stable communication method and that means that future HICAPS software updates will be completed much faster making the whole process more efficient.