HICAPS Hypercom Terminal reaches end of life...


HICAPS terminal Upgrade program is scheduled for completion on 1st April 2017.

The current Hypercom HICAPS terminal has now reached end of life and HICAPS is currently replacing them with the new Verifone terminals.

 HICAPS Installation team are currently calling customers that have a Hypercom terminal to arrange for the terminal to be swapped to new enhanced Verfione Terminal.

 The new terminal includes all the features of the current one as well as providing new enhancements such as contactless technology (paywave/paypass) and Ethernet connectivity and much more.


·         I have not been contacted and still have an old Hypercom Terminal what should I do?

Please call our installation team on 03 9403 1607 before 15  March, 2017 and we will arrange for your terminal to be swapped to the new Verifone terminal.

·         Is there any change to my terminal rental or any other fees?

No, all fees will remain the same, including the terminal rental.

·         Why do I need to have my Hypercom terminal swapped over?

The network that Hypercom terminals use is no longer supported.  To ensure that we can continue to provide you with the HICAPS service, we will be providing you with a new terminal that will support new and updated software releases.

·         I want to keep my current terminal

Unfortunately the network that the current terminal is connected will not be available so you will be unable to process transactions.

·         Will I lose or gain any features with the Verifone terminal?

The Verifone terminal has all your current terminal features as well as enhancements such as faster connectivity via Ethernet, EMV (to be enabled in 2017), an easier to read colour touch screen, contactless EFTPOS transactions (paypass/paywave) and more.