National Broadband Network

What is NBN?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an upgrade to Australia's existing telecommunications network. It will replace existing landline phone and ADSL internet services. 

How will the NBN benefit me?

The aim of the NBN is to give access to fast, reliable, affordable and cost-effective internet and phone services to all Australians.

Will the NBN affect my HICAPS terminal?

The following information will help you avoid issues when connecting to the NBN



  • If you have the terminal pictured to the right, you can utilise your internet connection to send transactions. 
  • Check there is a cat 5/6 cable plugged into the ETH port on the back of the terminal. The other end needs to be plugged into a LAN port with internet access.
  • Confirm transactions are sent by ethernet by checking the bottom of your HICAPS receipts


  • If your terminal looks like this please contact our Helpdesk (1300 650 852) to organise a terminal upgrade.


Will there be any wiring changes required?

Some wiring changes in your business may be required to your existing phone wall sockets to the new phone service over the NBN. Ask your phone service provider if it can arrange this and what the cost would be.

Will my terminal work in a multi premises building or complex?

If you are an occupant in a multi premises building or complex, the NBN will work with your building owner to connect to the NBN.  You can contact your building owner to let them know they can complete the following registration form to ensure that the services connected to your building are compatible with your EFTPOS/HICAPS terminal.

> Registration - Multiple building form (

When will the NBN network be installed in my area?

For an update or more information on areas that can already switch to the NBN and suburbs where construction has commenced visit

Where can I find more information?

For more information on changes to phone and internet services as a result of the rollout of the NBN, visit